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Trees may live longer than humans, but that doesn’t mean they can’t suffer from diseases, too. When you have a tree that’s always been there, you’ve dedicated a lot of attention, and care about it. It can be tough to see its health decaying with its bark looking sick and the leaves dry and falling a lot. It can be tough to determine what causes this in trees; to get your tree back into good shape and health, a tree spraying service can definitely help a lot.

Keeping your plants and trees healthy is vital for a healthy, vibrant, and attractive yard.

With a decaying tree, your yard can look gloomy and dark. Also, an infested tree can be a problem for your health, too, as the insects hiding in the trees and leaves might find their way into your house. It can be a huge issue, especially if you get bitten by a mosquito, or other insects get inside the human body.

Sioux Falls Tree Services offers a comprehensive range of tree care solutions. 

With their expertise in tree trimming and pruning, they ensure that your trees maintain their health and aesthetic appeal. In times of emergencies, their swift response and efficient emergency tree service bring peace of mind to homeowners. Additionally, their dedication to the environment is evident in their tree planting initiatives, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the community. 

If your tree is sick or infested and you don’t know what to do and what’s causing it

Don’t worry, Sioux Falls Tree Service can help you find the cause of the problem and handle it at the root. With affordable rates, skilled tree care professionals, and passion, we will help you with our tree care services.

Best tree services company in South Dakota, tree removal, tree care, Arborist, Sioux falls
Best tree services company in South Dakota, tree removal, tree care, Arborist, Sioux falls


There are many reasons for a tree to have health problems, and while most are treatable, they can also cause tree death if left untreated. To help you know more about the common causes of tree health problems, here are some of them:

Improper Trimming, Pruning, Or Cutting

Trimming, pruning, and cutting, when done right, can contribute a lot to the overall health of trees. They help remove dead branches, encourage tree growth, a better view, and many more. But, when done wrong or at the wrong time, these processes can kill trees.

Pests or Insect Infestation

Do you see signs of decaying tree health? Do you find that some sucking insect pests are crawling around your tree? It’s probably suffering from tree insect infestation. In this case, it almost always requires a tree spraying service.


When you notice mushrooms on a tree, it’s a sign that the tree may be decaying due to a fungal infection. Fungi typically infect trees through open wounds and roots. When this is the case, you need to take care of it quickly as once it spreads. The only solution may only be tree removal.


Weather can play a huge part in a tree’s health, so avoid planting trees in environments where they can’t grow healthy. Diseased trees may also be a mosquito breeding ground.

With many possible reasons for a tree’s health to decay, it’s better to ask for a professional to diagnose the tree’s disease, and that’s where we come in.


A tree spraying service is a complicated process. It is the best way to control insect pests. However, tree spraying requires professionals to do it. To make tree spraying effective, a proper disease diagnosis of what causes the tree health problem is necessary. Without a diagnosis, you may end up spending money on substances that won’t even solve the problem. To know what causes the disease, you need help from a tree care service provider.

They have the knowledge to diagnose the problem and decide what kind of treatment the tree needs.

It’s a health problem and there’s always the chance of the tree getting close to death. So, you need a tree care service provider that’s ready to respond to emergencies. When your tree is dying, you almost always don’t know what to do. Just call the Sioux Falls Tree Service professionals. They can respond as soon as you set an appointment for our spray service. You also don’t have to worry about the expenses. For us, quality pest services shouldn’t come at high prices, and that’s why we offer quality services at an affordable rate.


Tree health is a delicate thing; with one mistake, your tree may suffer death. We know that you want to keep your trees alive and healthy. This is true especially when it’s suffering from pest infestation or disease. So, you need to rely on the information and expertise that only arborists and tree health experts can provide.


All of our experts take the right training before they go to clients.

 This ensures that they make the right decisions. They can correctly diagnose the causes of tree health problems. Our arborists know how to choose the right spray substance and determine if other services are necessary to solve the problem.


Furthermore, insecticides and pesticides are harmful when inhaled. This is why absolute care is necessary when handling these substances. With our knowledge and experience, we will ensure that these substances won’t harm you. We only use the right amount, and we also practice measures to prevent you and your family from inhaling them.


At Sioux Falls Tree Service, we have a high standard in providing our services to ensure customer satisfaction. We have a highly-trained and experienced team of arborists and tree care professionals. Sioux Falls Trees has the right equipment and materials. You can be sure that we can cure the diseases insect pests cause.

You also don’t have to keep a tree healthy only when it’s already showing signs of harmful insect pests. 

To keep your trees healthy, you need professional tree pest control. We have an array of SD tree care services aimed at keeping trees healthy and strong. Contact us now for a free quote on all the tree services you need. You may also visit our blog for more information about tree health.

Sioux Falls Trees services tree spraying, tree trimming, stump grinding, and many other tree care services. Set an appointment, and we can be there as soon as you need us with our tree spraying service. Let us get rid of the tick and have your tree back to a healthy state again! Check out our different locations we serve!


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