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Lennox SD Tree Service

Located in Sioux Falls, SD, Sioux Falls Tree Care is a reputable and licensed arborist that provides service to the entire city, including Lennox, which is a neighboring town. Whether you need tree trimming or complete tree removal, Sioux Falls Tree Care is the company you can count on for all your tree care needs. In Lennox, South Dakota, and the surrounding area, we are equipped to handle all residential and commercial tree service needs. 

We provide affordable tree care and removal services in the areas of 
Lennox, SD, and surrounding Sioux Empire communities. We are your locally owned, family-operated tree care company. Count on us to deliver the highest quality services at the most affordable prices. We have been providing Lennox, SD, and the surrounding areas with our services for many years. We are a licensed and insured tree removal company that specializes in the removal of large and difficult trees. It is our pleasure to handle all of your tree service needs at Sioux Falls Tree Care. 

Tree Service in Lennox SD
Tree Service in Lennox SD worker

Commercial and Residential Tree Service Lennox SD

Tree removal 
We can determine whether it is possible to salvage unhealthy trees or if they need to be removed by our arborists. You must remove trees that have grown into sewer lines or foundations, or that have caused cracks in walkways or sidewalks, in order to prevent further damage from occurring. No matter what your needs are, we have the expertise to handle the job, from full site clearing to thinning to grove management. 

Tree Trimming
You must trim your trees regularly for them to remain healthy and long-lived. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, we trim and clean up all tree debris after every job, as well as provide regular-scheduled maintenance for tree trimming. 

The Right Equipment 
As tree removal specialists with 45′ and 70′ telescopic boom trucks, we’re well suited to large-scale tree removal projects. We have state-of-the-art equipment that ensures our workers are safe and accomplish the job in a timely manner.

Licensed and Insured Arborists
It is not uncommon for homeowners to seek our assistance when their trees are damaged or become sick due to untrained contractors trimming them. A licensed arborist is something that We refer to them as “tree doctors” since they are specifically trained to see to the health and wellbeing of trees.

Lennox SD Tree Pruning
The proper pruning of a tree is essential in order to ensure that the tree remains healthy for a long period of time. It is one of the most widely used tools by arborists. Pruning a tree improperly can lead to a wide variety of health issues over the lifespan of the tree. In order to establish scaffolding branches, prevent codominant leaders from arising, and minimize hazard potential, proper structural pruning must be performed. The time for pruning is when the tree is young, and therefore the most crucial period for pruning is then. The following are a few common pruning mistakes that should be avoided: 

  • Use a saw to cut into or past the branch collar.
  • Leaving excessive stubs.
  • Pruning when disease pressure is high.
  • Reduction of inner lateral branches (lion-tailing).
  • Branches are topped or headed to remove growing points.
  • Excessive pruning of the living canopy.
  • Pruning tools that are not properly disinfected before use.

To keep the health of your plant at the top of our priority list, we have the proper training and education to employ best management practices.


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