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Eliminating pests requires taking action ahead of time to better protect your yard from possible infestations coming from neighboring states. Do not spray the insecticides by yourself. It is better to find tree care professionals to do the emerald ash borer (EAB) treatment service for you. 

Regardless of the infestation level, our pest control advisors at Sioux Falls Trees are ready to bring you pest control. We have experienced tree specialists to provide scientifically-based information in dealing with EAB infestation. They will provide the proper treatment formula you’ll need. Our team will show the right dosage of chemicals suited for infested trees to deliver faster results. 

We understand the fear of most households dealing with these damaging pests especially when there are confirmed cases nearby. That is why we assess your ash tree. Those are highly vulnerable to emerald ash borers. So, we recommend injection treatments to our clients right away.

When it comes to maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape in Sioux Falls

Look no further than our exceptional tree services. Our dedicated team specializes in a wide range of services, from lawn clean-up to tree spraying and tree planting. Whether you need routine tree pruning or immediate assistance with emergency tree service, we have you covered. 

Our experienced professionals are equipped to handle any tree removal needs, ensuring safety and efficiency throughout the process. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner for all your tree care needs.

Best tree services company in South Dakota, tree removal, tree care, Arborist, Sioux falls
Best tree services company in South Dakota, tree removal, tree care, Arborist, Sioux falls


Sioux Falls Tree Service guarantees the best tree service providers in South Dakota. When people in the community spotted emerald ash borers nearby, they immediately sent us reports to call for help. In fact, news about the EBA infestation made us expect people in the community to contact us for immediate solutions. 

We provide services other than borer emerald ash treatments to achieve a better yard with healthier trees likes never been infested before. Part of the process is planting plenty of other trees ahead of the infestation to enhance your lawn forest. We also offer some more tree maintenance services such as tree trimming and pruning to avoid infestations in the future. 

Sioux Falls Trees can work in different levels of emerald ash borer infestation. Whether too severe or too easy to manage, we can do it. We respond to every homeowner calling for help. Regardless of the situation, we send experts to ensure dealing with the problem before greater damage has to be done. 


Our team consists of highly trained and certified arborists and pest control advisors to help you from pest infestation. The knowledge they have gained from science and some other research makes them capable of handling pest infestation issues. They know tree pests, especially emerald ash borers. 

We warn you to be more cautious of someone who has no experience in treating an ash tree as it would put your tree at risk. They are people who will jump into the care treatments without undergoing prior tests and hence even good treatments turn out ineffective. Hiring our experts will ensure the Emerald ash borer proactive treatment effectiveness, even when it demands greater cost. 

To get started with your tree care concerns, check existing emerald ash borers 15 miles away from your tree’s location before calling us. It is the nearest distance to experience emerald ash borers’ impact on your ash tree. We promise to treat your ash trees with insecticide before infestation reaches your location. Moreover, our services extend to soil treatments, trunk injection, and bark sprays that can kill emerald ash borers effectively.


Pest infestation is a common problem that can destroy trees, particularly ash trees, and is sometimes mistreated. Some homeowners may start using chemicals found in the market to try to get rid of the pests. However, eliminating emerald ash borers demands a lot of work not to harm your ash trees. 

Our experts know how to manage the treatment options for your ash trees in the most effective and fastest way possible. Spraying insecticides on trees may seem easy, however experts in the field have specific techniques to surely eliminate emerald ash borers and their infestation effects. 

The ash tree treatment services at Sioux Falls Tree Service consider community guidance in SD to associate an EAB response plan. We abide by the given standards to meet your needs in the safest way possible. Also, we guarantee to discuss the best solutions for your infested yard during the planning. 

In some cases, we recommend tree removal and stump grinding to prevent infesting the other ash trees in your yard. Losing a tree can be frustrating, but you can plant new trees with the help of our experts, with plenty of tree options on the list. Thus, no regrets for our clients to cut trees when it is necessary with this possible care remedy. 


Although you have no clue when will emerald ash borers infest your yard, we are here to help you stop all the possible damages. One reason to seek our expert tree care help is to find solutions even before the infestation begins. Our arborists will ensure the best ways to secure your trees against damage and keep them healthier over time. 

If our experts find out emerald ash borers impact your trees after the assessment, we will begin with the essential treatments like putting insecticides to stop the pest from spreading out. Not only do we prevent pests on your trees but our arborists also assure to turn your yard to its original state. We give our clients the best treatment options for tree care services that are accessible for homeowners without breaking their pockets. 

We encourage you to contact our hotline for your tree service needs in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Someone will cater to your request and deal with your concerns while providing useful advice along the process. We also calculate the possible cost you will need to pay up to see the final look of your yard, all for free. 


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