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Our tree service professionals are highly trained and do every job with safety as their first priority. We know it can be tough to find a tree service company that you trust. However, we give you our word that we are the best in the business. ​At Tree Service Sioux Falls, safety, quality, and customer service are our main priorities. We love trees and if you are on this site, you probably do too! Although trees are beautiful and provide shade, oxygen, and homes for wildlife, they can pose problems without proper maintenance. This is true on residential properties as well as commercial or municipal properties.

Tree Services Sioux Falls SD

Our services include tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, as well as tree transplant. We put the safety of our clients and our team first! Whatever you need and however tricky the situation is we want you to feel safe by calling us! Tree services can be risky and dangerous and that is why we always recommend calling a specialist. Stop using your valued free time on DIY tree service projects! Instead, spend time with family and friends and trust our company and our talented contractors in Sioux Falls, SD to get the job done!

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Our Trusted & Professional Expert Arborist Tree Services

We are a full-service tree service company. Serving all of Sioux Falls, SD, and the surrounding Minnehaha County, our company specializes in ash borer treatments, tree cutting, tree removal, tree trimming, tree planting, pruning, and stump removal.

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Why You Should Hire an Arborist

It is always best to hire a professional when you need emergency tree services. After a strong storm with heavy snow or wind, many homeowners find that trees have fallen in their yards or on building structures. Sometimes homeowners try to clean up the damage themselves, but professional emergency tree service Sioux Falls or any location is recommended and even sometimes required due to a need for immediate help. The main reason to hire a professional for emergency tree removal service is for safety. When trees have fallen onto power lines or home structures, removing them is dangerous work, even for professionals. Rather than put yourself or your family at risk, trust the work to someone who is trained and has the proper safety gear and equipment. Trained tree removal professionals know how to fell a precariously leaning tree in a way that will prevent further property damage if possible.

Why Clients Choose Us

We are dedicated to providing professional tree services in Sioux Falls, SD!
Tree Service Sioux Falls has years of experience. We are known for our excellent customer tree care services within Sioux Falls, SD, and the surrounding areas. The backbone of our business is quality. We make sure that any job we do, whether that is ash borer treatments, tree trimming services, tree cutting services, or tree removal services, is done with quality as its main goal. Our work has been around for centuries. Trees have and will always need maintenance and our experienced team has dialled in on quality and overall client satisfaction in order to provide the best quality tree care services possible. Feel at ease when you know that your tree is taken care of. The worst feeling is being nervous that a tree on your property is going to cause damage to someone or something else. We are here to make your life easier!

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Tree Cutting

There are many reasons to cut your trees and remove large pieces of deadwood. Deadwood is a huge hazard to individuals. When the limb is structurally unsound, an emerald ash borer probably infests it. It may fall at any moment. Especially, if the limb is large it could damage property or if it fell on someone it could really hurt them.

When we are up in the tree, we see things that we cannot see from the ground. One thing that we look for is potential failure sights at branch unions. If there is decay in the branch union and plants growing out of that union, it is a good indicator that this area is a potential failure sight. We can put emerald ash borer treatments. However, if it is likely that the whole branch will fail and the branch is over a target, we will consider adding extra stability to the branch. To do this, we will use a cable or we will just remove the branch altogether.

More about Sioux Falls Tree Care Services

One of our goals at Sioux Falls Tree Service is to help our customers recognize situations that trees can cause a property owner. Upon arrival at your home, we assess the situation that you have brought to our attention, as well as situations you may not know you already have. If we do not need to completely remove a tree, then we make whatever tree health care recommendation best suits the tree. It can be trimming, fertilization or simply leaving the tree alone. Our team works together in harmony and is always in communication at all times throughout the process of tree care on each project. If a team is not well trained an accident could happen at any time and that is what we strive to prevent! We also highly recommend the service of our partners, Landscape Design Dayton, Ohio

How much does it cost to service trees?

Tree care services vary in cost and many factors go into the ultimate price. Tree trimming Sioux estimates prices by size and where the tree is located on the property. We also look at how much foliage we need to remove, and what type of trim the tree should get. All of these questions do add or take away from the cost of the overall job.

What is Tree Service Sioux?

We call it a tree service. Our team does not call it emerald ash borer treatments, tree removal, tree trimming, tree cutting, or even tree care. They just call it “tree service Sioux.”

Why? Because that’s what we do: we provide services to trees. And our services are all about making sure your trees are healthy, thriving, and safe—no matter what their size or the condition they’re in.

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Trees can become a huge risk if they are not healthy or if they weaken. If you keep your tree healthy, monitor your trees, and check them to see if there are any weaknesses like an emerald ash borer, you can reduce the risk of any tree by a great deal and reduce the risk of having to remove the tree. It is important that you learn to recognize the signs of poor tree health.

What makes a tree strong and healthy is it’s root system. The most important thing in tree care is to keep the root system healthy. The first thing to look for is to look into the top of the tree or the crown of the tree, where the leaves are. You are looking for dieback which you also look for on the trunk of the tree or on the large branches and you see if there are any wounds, or if there are cavities. Are there places where the bark is slipping off? When you look at the base of the tree do you see any damage to the top of those roots? There is a possibility you may see some decay there. These are all extremely important signs to look for. You look at the bottom of the tree all the way to the top of the tree.

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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is vital to the health of a tree. You are going to want to call a licensed arborist in order to make sure that you are doing everything correctly. In order to know what part of the tree to trim look for the dead wood and twigs from the canopy of the tree and remove them. Next, identify cracks and decay. Arborists need to remove the cracks and decay that the winds caused.

Next, we look for codominant branches with included bark and remove those. These usually indicate a point of failure. The goal is to create an open and airy canopy to allow the wind to blow through. Proper removal shrub trimming and pruning is essential for several reasons. The first reason is that trees are extremely beneficial for many reasons. On a small scale, they give shade and cool the cities and earth down. On a larger scale, they are helping the fight against climate change by cleaning the air and providing oxygen. They even help prevent soil erosion.

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Stump Removal

When homeowners decide and hire us to remove a tree, they normally decide to leave the stumps in the ground. In our experience, this is because they want to reduce the costs of the overall tree removal or to avoid efforts of clean-up. However, doing so can actually end up costing you more in landscaping and home maintenance, so have a Sioux Falls Tree Service professional remove the stump!

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Tree Planting

At Sioux Falls Tree Services, we offer tree planting services to help your property look full and complete. Our skilled arborists can help answer any questions you may have regarding what kind of trees to plant on your property, and where to plant the trees, and will even help you survey your land to come up with the best plan. Do you know what trees thrive in the South Dakota climate? No worries, not many people do! We certainly do and we can help provide professional tree care advice on which trees would be best for your property. What about if you want trees that produce fruit, active flowers, or berries? When you consult with our Sioux arborists, you will learn what kind of tree will enhance your landscape. We will also tell you which kind will thrive in your landscape!

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Sioux Falls Tree Service

We offer the best tree service in Sioux Falls! Regular tree maintenance can save you. It can save you as a resident, business owner, or government official, a great deal of hassle and expense. When our group prunes a tree, we look for structural deficiencies, remove dead wood, and look for any other hazards. We do an overall assessment of the structure of the tree. We also look for limbs that may be growing in the direction of a structure. It may be a garage or house. We do not prefer to remove large limbs but sometimes it is necessary. When we do have to remove limbs, for this reason, we make sure to cut the limb with the correct angle so that the tree can heal the wound correctly. We always make sure when we cut a limb from a controlled tamed tree. We do this so we don’t damage nearby structures.


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